Profile & career of the artisan, Hisashi Komuro

Hisashi Komuro

Hisashi Komuro

Born in 1962 in Hitachiōta-city, Ibaraki prefecture.
Learned the traditional methods of woodblock printing from a woodcut artist, Mr. Minoru Yoneda, at hist studio.
Studied, and inherited, the traditional techniques of producing Kana-ryōshi from the artisan’s father, Yoshihisa Komuro.

1999 Joined in producing ‘Honganji-Sanjyūrokunin-kashū’ sponsored by Shogei-bunka-shinsha (Company’s name)
2004 Produced a wall painting named “Four Seasons’ Japanese Paper” for the Central Government Office in Tokyo where it is displayed in the International Conference Room.
2011  Hold an exhibition at Art Gallery in Joyo Historical Materials Building at  Mito-city in Ibaraki Prefecture. The title of the exhibition is “Graceful flavor and fascination of Kana-ryōshi”
2012 Demonstrated how to make Kana-ryōshi on a program for the NHK Educational TV channel.

Designated by Hitachiōta-city as a holder of intangible cultural asset of Kana-ryōshi.

Yoneda’s studio of woodblock printing

The studio has been supported and kept working by the three generations’ printers, Mr. Yasaburō Yoneda, Mr. Minoru Yoneda and Mr. Ryōji Yoneda.

Mr. Minoru Yoneda, the artisan’s teacher, kindly taught the techniques of woodblock printing as well as basics and attitudes of an artisan.
After having given much advice and guidance for a long time, Mr. Minoru Yoneda passed away in 2004.

Sadly, Mr. Ryōji Yoneda suddenly passed away in 2008.
Unfortunately, there is no woodblock printing workshop now.

Minoru Yoneda
Minoru Yoneda
Ryōji Yoneda
Ryōji Yoneda